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Send me all the files with the same starting point. Consolidate/bounce selection so every file starts at zero.

Use preferably 24 bits and whatever sample-rate you recorded with.

If there's any special fx added that you like e.g. on a vocal track, please send that with the fx printed.

But in general tracks should be dry with no reverbs echo or added on dynamics.

Name the tracks with as few characters as possible and make sure they're called the same between different songs.

Example:  BD, SD TOP, SD BTM, TOM 1, GTR 1 L, GTR 1 R, LEAD GTR 1, VOX CLEAN 1, VOX SC 1, BASS DI etc.

Please provide a good clean line signal for reamping of the guitars and make sure you name it so it's clear wether it's left or right.

Don't send 12 tracks for one guitar-take. Take the good ones and if it doesn't sound good it isn't good.

Send all files in a folder with the name and the bpm in the title. Don't use subfolders for guitars, drums, Vox etc.

Please provide the tempo of the song as a midi-file.

Don't write strings verse, strings chorus, strings "let them die". Just name it strings 1

Provide a text for any additional info like our drummer is left handed and has his hi-hat behind his left shoulder.

Make sure all your files line up before you send it to me.


Prepare for mix

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